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This is the official website of MAAA (Mothers Against Allergies & Asthma)


        Originated by Carmen Cornils, B.S., M.T. (ASCP)


Approximately 20 million Americans have asthma, including over 6 million children under the age of 18.  The prevalence of asthma has increased 75 percent since 1980.  (Statistics)

Welcome to our on-line "support group".  This site is for individuals and parents, particularly mothers, of children who suffer from allergies and/or asthma.  Our goal is to provide support and information to anyone who suffers from those conditions, and to parents of afflicted children, that will be of help in managing the illness and improving their health so that they no longer have to suffer from it. 

Besides following instruction from their doctors, taking prescribed medication, etc., we know there is much that can be done with the daily nutrition of the child that will improve their condition and may even allow them to eventually discontinue medication.  This, however, is often a challenging process; therefore a support group is of great value to the parents, particularly the mothers, who are most often the ones challenged with the role of filling the nutritional needs of the family.  So, to all of you, welcome to MAAA, and may we be of much help to each and every one of you.

Please navigate through and read all the topics listed under the NAVIGATION section including each vitamin category under the section "How Supplements Work."  Learning how the different vitamins all work together is very important.  You will find the product of many, many hours of research condensed into material which will help you or your child overcome allergies and asthma---plus it works for many other illnesses and diseases as well.  Research shows that diseases of almost every variety can be produced by an undersupply of various combinations of nutrients.  Various combinations of partial deficiencies result in hundreds of diseases having different symptoms.  The combined number of multiple deficiencies and the mildness or severity of each determine whether one disease or another will be produced.  The missing nutrients which allow illnesses to develop have been discarded or killed in the processing and refining of foods.

With so much material on this site, learning how to overcome asthma/allergies may seem confusing at first, but with repeated readings it will become more and more familiar, until you finally see the big picture.  So many people have told me that they are very confused about where to find credible information, or they don't understand it, or there is contradictory information, and so they don't do anything.  This is how I felt at first, but with the help of a medical technology background, and with dogged determination, I was able to eventually sort it out, understand the chemistry behind asthma and allergies and where nutrition fits in, and bring it all together.

It's important for you to understand how it works so you will feel more motivated and know for a fact that you can do something about healing it.  You need this motivation and the knowledge of how it works so that you will feel confident enough to continue with a program that will get you or your child well, because it does take some time. 

We're all used to quick-acting drugs and are conditioned to immediate results.  In reality, our bodies are built of cells that replace themselves at their own pace, taking time.  And to replace parts of the body that are not functioning well with healthy cells may take a lot of time.  Expect to take at least 6 months to a year to start seeing results.  But wouldn't you say that by next year you would know it was worth it?

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.  Just click on "Comments" below.  We would like to hear your stories, your experiences with asthma/allergies, and anything you have tried that has improved your condition.  Also, if any of you have come across any websites similar to mine, please let us all know by posting your comments below.  I ask this because there are over a million sites on asthma and nutrition out there.  I can't go through them all myself, but I'm looking at as many as I can every day, and so far I haven't found any that offer the information that mine does.  Most asthma sites give information on drugs and how to avoid the environment, but not how to get over asthma.  The nutrition sites I've found are pretty generic or are there to sell products, so you don't know what to believe.  Some recommend a certain nutritional program which may work. 

There are many supplements out there, many doing pretty much the same job, so it's not a hard and fast rule about what will work for you.  You may very well want to add other nutritional products to the vitamins, etc. mentioned on my site to your own program.  There are many products such as Coenzyme Q-10, for example, and herbal products such as nettle, that may also be of benefit.  My site teaches mainly about basic vitamins because they are all it took to cure me and my family and others I know of.   Also, many of the other products only address the symptoms rather than the cure. 

This website is non-profit.  I don't get money for it and I'm not selling anything. I'm publishing it because I've been passionate about using nutrition to cure allergies and asthma for years.  Supplements need to be part of the program because the body's requirement for certain nutrients are very high in the person who suffers from allergies or asthma; otherwise they would not be afflicted.  I'm finding that it is a little-known fact that not all brands of vitamins actually work.  The price of the product does not give you any clue as to whether it works or not.  Therefore, it's important that I tell you which brands that I know of that do work, especially since people are always asking me.  I have my own tried and true favorite, which is Puritan's Pride, and I know from personal experience that their vitamins do work.  They also, amazingly, have the lowest prices I've ever seen.  It doesn't get any better than that.   I have their logo on the left hand column of the site so that readers can simply click on it to order any supplement they want.

I became interested in this subject after I had been suffering miserably from asthma and allergies for years, and a friend gave me Adelle Davis' books, and guess what?  I followed the principles in the books and cured myself.  (Thank you, my friend, Jackie Doll!  Remember when I asked you how I could ever repay you for helping me?  And you just said, "Do the same for someone else.") 

I cured myself in about a year.  Actually, it might have been shorter, but I had to wait until the following spring to see if I got my allergies and asthma back, since springtime was the worst time for me.  And in case you're thinking this was just a coincidence, this was over 30 years ago, and in all the years since then, I have gone off my supplements many times---and guess what?  Each time I quit taking them, within a couple of weeks my allergies started to return.  Then I'd get back on the supplements for awhile, and guess what again---my allergies went away.  This happened each and every time.  So this was no "coincidence."  In fact, I could use myself as a test laboratory---try out a new brand of vitamins and see if my allergies came back!  This is how I found out that most brands of vitamins DO NOT WORK.  Anyway, I had been planning for years to publish my research as a book, but with 5 kids, working in and outside the home, and many other interests, it never happened. 

Everytime I got into a conversation with someone about curing asthma, naturally they didn't really believe me, and there is so much involved in it, that I couldn't explain it all.  I wanted to be able to just hand them my book---which didn't exist.  The next best thing, which I did, was to start a support group in the area where we lived, present little seminars, and start teaching people what I knew. 

Another thing I did was to refer people to Adelle Davis' books.  But they all said they got confused and still didn't know what to do; I think it helps to have a chemistry background, or something.  Anyway, I decided to update my research, put it all together, explain what to do, and put it on the web so that everyone can read it and do it.

So, again, please navigate through all the topics, using the Navigation bar on the upper left side, so you can get the whole picture and see what it takes to cure asthma and allergies and know that it is possible.


You can contact me at carmen_cornils@yahoo.com


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